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Keto-Friendly St Patty’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is here! As is the case with most all holidays it can be a challenge to navigate through the traditional food offerings in search of keto-friendly goods. Beer, soda bread, and hash unfortunately don’t fit the bill for low-carb, high-fat diets.

While wanting to enjoy some St Patty’s Day grub while staying in ketosis, I came up with a couple Irish-inspired meal ideas; a green smoothie that doesn’t contain any kale or spinach, and a low-carb version of Bangers and Mash.  Continue reading “Keto-Friendly St Patty’s Day”

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Lessons from My Foodie Friends

As a nutritionist, I spend a lot of time talking about food. I educate others on topics such as the health benefits of various foods, appropriate portion size for a given food, and how to look for healthy foods. I take a scientific approach in explaining how the macro- and micro-nutrient content of food affects our bodies.

Continue reading “Lessons from My Foodie Friends”